Uncover / Discover

An ambitious programme of creative work for young people with learning disabilities, revealing the creativity rippling through Coventry.

A collection of sea creatures made of clay covering a rocky outcrop

Inspired by the rivers and waterways of Coventry, Uncover/Discover ran four streams of artistic work with groups of young people with learning disabilities, inside and outside schools, across 2021 and 2022. 

Across 2 years of activity, we’ve delivered 1158 workshops with  young people. We’ve created 3 films with 6 schools and supported 4 new apprentice filmmakers, built vast sculptures, solved mysteries and fought off the evil Coventry Corp.

We aimed to give the opportunity for every young person in these schools to be a part of Coventry’s City of Culture in their own way.  Learn more about all the fantastic things young people achieved here.

Thanks to our funders for making Uncover / Discover a reality

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