Because We CanCanCan

BecauseWeCanCanCan is a group of emerging artists with learning disabilities, who want to develop careers in the arts. Members can be from any art background, including visual arts, acting, stand-up comedy, film-making, physical theatre, writing and music.

Open Theatre supports members of the group with their professional development through support in producing, financial management, marketing, facilitating, film-making, visual design, performance skills, and technical skills.

BecauseWeCanCanCan is a semi-independent group. The young artists are in charge of what projects they run and what support they receive.

BecauseWeCanCanCan members formed part of the cast of the recent production Hansel & Gretel at the Birmingham Hippodrome

It’s one of the only places that I can go to that is completely inclusive. It’s somewhere I feel safe and secure while being challenged, able to learn and develop my creative skills. I’m given the opportunities to be included in the arts sector, treated as an equal.

Vicki Taylor

Group Member, BecauseWeCanCanCan

Members’ Work


Take a look at some of the fantastic projects, films & oddly-shaped things that our members have made, including short film “The Bag” by Jake Jarvis, which was recently featured on Channel 4’s First Acts!


If you would like to find out more about us or the programmes we run, get in touch, or better still…