The Outreach Lab

Working with organisations and practitioners which young people with learning disabilitiy find hard to reach, so they can be more inclusive, accessible and collaborative

We want to transform the West Midlands into a radically creative space for YPWLD, but we won’t get there on our own.

Enter the Outreach Lab: A programme of training, collaboration and partnerships with organisations and practitioners which YPWLD find hard to reach, so they can be more inclusive, accessible and collaborative.

We aim to develop the skills, confidence and capacity of arts practitioners and organisations, enabling them to deliver high quality work with YPWLD and embed this work within the culture of their organizations, places and communities.


  • Monday Practitioners’ Circle – an open group of teachers, artists, workshop facilitators and curious folk who want to share best practice, challenges and opportunities of working with YPWLD.

  • Shadowing – the best way to understand our work is to come and see it. We’re always happy to share our process, learning and creativity with others, whether it’s for a single session of part of your ongoing development. Get in touch with our programme director to learn more.


Every organisation is different, so our work with each organisation is different too. Whether your goal is to improve access at your venue or embed a fully collaborative process from your governance through to your Front of House, we’re happy to help. Some of the ways we support organisations are:

  • Training and mentoring artists to work more effectively with YPLWD
  • Train members of staff in ways of engaging with YPWLD
  • Advising arts organisations on ways of embedding the work more fully in their existing practice
  • Helping arts organisations develop bespoke and ‘fit-for-purpose’ projects for YPWLD
  • Broker partnerships between arts organisations and special schools


If you would like to find out more about us or the programmes we run, get in touch, or better still…