The Impact Lab

Where we advocate, share knowledge, and test new ideas through research, conferences, networks and pilot projects.

What is Impact Lab?

The Impact Lab is all about broadening the reach, value and impact of our work. We do this through sharing our knowledge through conferences and research reports, and through prototyping new approaches to collaboration and leadership for and with young people with learning disabilities. Our vision is that in 20 years there will no longer be questions about ‘How can the arts be more inclusive of learning disabilities?’, because we will have done the work now that means legitimate, honest collaboration is already happening between the next generation of cultural leaders.


Our Research

Our first research project happened in 2013, and looked at how many young people with learning disabilities in Birmingham were engaged in arts & cultural activity. Check out the 4in5 report below.

We’re working on new research right now, investigating how to better evaluate work with young people with learning disabilities, how to make programmes like ours more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds, and how to improve leadership structures sector-wide to be more inclusive

Our Conferences

Conferences are a large part of how we collaborate with the broader sector. Our young people are an increasingly large part of how we plan, deliver and evaluate conferences, proving first hand young people with learning disabilities can, should, and must be included in leadership roles.

Our most recent conferences, Is That All There Is and Creative Minds, attracted hundreds of people from across the country. You can watch a short video about our ITATI conference here.

Two days was essential for real dialogue to happen: I realise that I can be part of this
change personally. Before today I had no idea where to start, now I do!

Delegate, Is That All There Is?

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