UnMuted: Brum - Lahor

Adventures in Zooming across continents

Like everyone else, 2020 pushed Open Theatre miles outside our comfort zone. We swapped our theatre passes for webcams, and ventured into the scary world of online sessions. Unmuted was a chance to really see how far we could push things. Can we work with a whole new group, in a whole new way, from a different country, in a different language?

The answer is yes! In partnership with MAAS Foundation, we held weekly sessions over Zoom for young people with learning disabilities in Birmingham (UK) and Lahore (Pakistan), exploring all sorts of ideas & creative sparks using non-verbal drama. You can watch the final result of our collaboration here, read some reflections from our practitioners, and hear what some of the participants thought

Unmuted was funded by the Transforming Narratives programme led by Culture Central in association with the British Council  and Arts Council England.

What did participants say?

“I loved this programme a lot. I learned a lot from you all and I hope we can continue to work like this together in the future.” Bilal

“The Zoom sessions were a friendly and welcoming environment. I loved the opportunity to meet new people from Pakistan and the Transforming Narratives group has been like a family to me.” Shakur

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