Join Us On Saturday 25th July at 2:30pm!








Hello there!

On Saturday 25th July, at 2.30pm - we will be streaming Cops and Robbers (and other silent
films) on YouTube.

We know that you can’t go to the cinema (at the moment) so we have decided to come to
you! Not in person – but on your TV’s, computers, i-pads or even mobile phones.

We will be using YouTube to stream the films. You can watch the films on YouTube, or right here! There are two different versions - one with Audio Description and one without.


We would like to encourage you to set up your very own Relaxed Screening at home, so we
have put together a collection of fun activities and information to help make this experience
feel just as special as a real - life visit to the cinema, including a Relaxed Screening
checklist, an Easy Read story, a recipe on ‘How to make the best Custard Pie (for throwing),
a wordsearch, and a printable cinema ticket!

Relaxed Screening Resources

(Click to Download All as ZIP Folder)

Don’t Forget Your Ticket!


Cops and Robbers (and other silent films) is a series of short films created by young theatre makers with learning disabilities across Birmingham and Coventry.

The first film, ‘What’s in the Bag?’ is a collection of short clips devised at home by Open
Theatre participants from Open Mac, One of a Kind and The Friday Group.

The second film, ‘The Bag’ is a film by Open Theatre‘s Jake Jarvis, which was featured on
Channel 4’s Random Acts.

The final film. ‘Cops and Robbers’ is a short film created in partnership with Open Theatre
and Told By an Idiot, as part of a devising and film- making project, The Silent Treatment.
The film was directed by Stephan Harper, filmed and edited for Film City by Adam
Robertson, and filmed at the Belgrade Theatre and other wonderful locations in Coventry.