We hope you all tuned into Switch Radio yesterday to hear The Party Animal played live on the radio for the first time!

If you weren’t, well, we’ve got you covered. For a short while, you can Listen Again on Switch Radio, to Ashlee Elizabeth Lolo’s Monday 6th April show.

You’ll also always be able to listen to it on our BWCCC page, and the Alternative Voices website. Alternatively, just listen to it right here!


Meet Mark, a determined and misunderstood young lad on the Autistic Spectrum who, believing that a party animal is a real creature, goes hunting for one. This would lead him off onto a wild journey indeed… A funny, uplifting and poignant story, and a moment of hope in these murky times.

About the Project:

The Party Animal is a radio play written by Madeleine Levy and performed by seven actors on the Autistic Spectrum. The project is in partnership with Open Theatre and Alternative Voices, and is supported by Switch Radio and Arts Council England. The team worked alongside playwright Stephanie Dale, BBC’s Peter Leslie Wilde and Andy Partington, and composer Maria Haik Escudero.


Script Writer: Madeleine Levy

Cast: Alex Manners, Alice Fry, Lukan Smith, Nicky Priest, Matt Recardo, Madeleine Levy and Samantha Kent

Script Mentor: Stephanie Dale

Creative Enabler: Grace Smith

Audio Director: Peter Leslie Wild

Sound Engineer: Andy Partington

Composer: Maria Haik Escudero

Photographer: John Stokes

Marketing: Bethan Ball