Culture and Creativity connect to every part of our lives – whether that is listening to music, watching a film or TV programme, going to the theatre, a gallery or a concert or how you express your own creativity.

In light of many local authorities reducing funding for culture, we want everyone to know why culture matters and to celebrate culture and creativity across the West Midlands. Scroll down to find out how you can help!

You can read more about the recently announced proposed Birmingham City Council cuts and Culture Central’s collective statement here.

How you can help

1. Write to your representative to share why Culture matters to you using the email image linked below and ask them to continue to support and find ways to invest in culture.

You can find your local councillor here: Find my local councillor

You can find your MP here: Find my MP


2. Share an image on social media of what culture and creativity mean to you between the 27th of February and 6th of March 2024.

Tag some of the places you value and that matter to you.

Use the #CultureMatters hashtag

Images should show what creativity and culture mean to you personally:  this might be a picture you’ve created, you visiting a museum, playing your guitar, dancing, going to the theatre or being on stage, going to festivals, reading a book, popping into a gallery over your lunch, volunteering in culture, taking part in a family creative activity, watching a film and so much more.


Campaign Assets

If you are a cultural organisation and want to support this campaign, use this link to download the full set of assets and more information.

Download Here.

If you are an individual creative or supporter of culture in the region, this link takes you directly to the ‘Culture and creativity matter to me because…’ templates