How can a school imagine the future without Open Theatre in it? Considering we have already endured the impact of their creative work. It has been very refreshing to witness external practitioners work with our pupils here at Cherry Oak – successfully engaging some of our most complex pupils.

Open Theatre provides our pupils with an experience that enables them to celebrate and embrace their disability by expressing themselves through nonverbal physical theatre. The drama that is taught ‘oozes’ with creativity and demonstrates accessibility for our pupils who may sometimes doubt themselves.

As a school we make it our mission to provide our pupils with a variety of communication aids to enable our pupils the freedom of speech and expression. Nonverbal theatre contributes to providing our pupils with a relaxed atmosphere creating positive learning outcomes through creative nonverbal drama.

Although technology seems to be the focus for our future, ultimately our young people are the future! Young people with learning disabilities still need to feel heard and included. We can not forget about the opportunities that advocate inclusion, diversity and accessibility. Open Theatre provides interactive drama sessions that are most effective when presented in physical form. Still very much considering these unprecedented times, we as a school would like to ‘reimagine the future’ with Open theatre in it, providing our pupils with the creativity that they very much love!


Written by a Teaching Assistant at Cherry Oak School