The History of the National day of Creativity

Expert screen writer Hal Croasmun and his group ScreenwritingU founded National Creativity Day in 2018 to celebrate the ‘imaginative spirits everywhere and to encourage them to keep creating’. ‘The Registrar at the National Day Calendar proclaimed the celebration to be observed annually on May 30.’

There are many ways that you can tribute the day yourself. The national day calendar group suggests ‘embracing your own creativity and supporting the creative people in your life. Set aside the day as an opportunity to refocus your energy on your craft. Recommit to your talent and goals. This day is all about your creative energies and where they will take you. What inspires you, motivates you? Support others who are excited about creating and bask in their passion. Do what you can to acknowledge, motivate, and inspire people to pursue their dreams. Frequent their studios and share their websites. Purchase art, music and styles you love and brag about the artist.’ You can also share your own stories about what inspires you to be an artist or creative. Here at Open Theatre, we have many talented individuals and on April 1st 2021 we hosted our first ever online scratch night which participants told us they felt was a huge success.  


Open Theatre Scratch Night

It is hard to stay creative during lockdown although we have made many attempts. Last summer we did small silent movie sketches and we did some short films of ‘What’s in the bag?’ This year we hosted an online scratch night on Thursday 1st of April 2021. Our participants enjoyed preparing and practicing their material ready for an evening of fun and entertainment.  

Nobody knew what to expect when they arrived but host Ashley Tolley did a fantastic job of keeping the flow and introducing each act. There was anything and everything from Poems, Monologues and Singing right the way through to Ballet and Drag acts. All done over zoom, delivered by our amazing tech team. We even had a dance off at the end to say goodbye. 

Who knew what was possible over the zoom platform? I think it goes to say that we exceeded our own expectations and a wonderful night was had by all. You could certainly see the impact that the night had on the participants and audience with 38 members present on the call and each with a smile across their face at the end of the event. How fantastic is that?  



How will you celebrate National Creativity day?

As a community of creatives we must continue to practice our arts and crafts. We must raise awareness of their value and of their importance to many across the country. Conversations can be had about how to improve our practice, and how to make our practice as inclusive as we can once we come out of lockdown. How can we make arts and entertainment truly for everyone? There are many things you, as an individual performer, can do over lockdown. Practice your Music, your Poetry, your Monologues, whatever you can to stay creative and this will enhance your health and wellbeing throughout these difficult times. 


Take care and stay in touch 

Taking care of your own mental health and wellbeing was incredibly important as a performer even before lockdown. It has now become even more important as the world is an ever changing place. Being connected with other like minded individuals who are part of the creative community is an important part of mental health and wellbeing. Who knew that you could run improv groups over zoom? Whatever your talent is, do stay connected with others and do continue to practice over lockdown. Share your stories with each other and with us. What do you enjoy about being creative? What was your favourite trip to the theatre? What inspired you to become an artist? These questions will help to motivate you and help you to remember your passion. 


All the best and stay safe!

The author and the team


-Written by Madeleine Levy