Hello everyone and Happy Environmental Awareness Month!

This year, if anything, has taught us all how important our green spaces are. Earlier in the year, we took part in the Great British Spring Clean and we also celebrated our love of local parks. Some of us were found litter picking around the West Midlands and we have pledged to become a more environmentally friendly company. We care very much about our carbon footprint and not making one that’s too big. We have even been doing work in the beautiful outdoors. Our outdoor immersive experiences during July, ‘Beyond the Trees’ was a big hit at Martineau Gardens, Birmingham. 



History of Environmental Awareness Month

Seriously though, what is all the fuss about? Why is everyone suddenly drinking herbal tea and doing daily mindfulness practice? Well, it’s because back in 2010, Environmental Awareness Week was launched and it has had a different theme every year. Last year “Satellites improve life” was the title of discussion and this year’s theme is ‘Organic October.’ Environmental Awareness aims to improve people’s understanding of the environment that they live in and improve their understanding of the beautiful nature that’s around them.

You may be thinking, well that all sounds a bit ‘Greta Thunberg’ to me, and in a way, it kind of is. Whatever your opinions of her as an activist are, she modernised the climate change debate. Too often large corporation’s, such as Amazon, are guilty of cutting down trees and creating plastic waste. Think of how many of your deliveries are wrapped in plastic. Jeff Besos, the owner of Amazon, even used public money to fund his trip to the moon earlier this year. Fancy doing that. 

Supermarkets continually wrap products in plastic and many companies dump their waste into landfills, streets or the ocean. Don’t even get us started on the amount of waste at Christmas from wrapping paper and food waste. This month, we want everyone to consider ways to only use what they need and no more. That way, we can all do our own little bit to save the planet, or at least reduce our carbon foot print.   

What can you do to mark the month?

There are many things you can do to observe the month. You could think about recycling if you don’t already. You could go Bird watching, you could go out in nature and look at the stars. You could walk to school instead of getting the bus. You could think about how much water you use when you have a shower. You could try to support smaller more local businesses when you are thinking of buying your Christmas presents. You could think about what members of your family need rather than buying them material things – you could help baby sit or cook a nice meal for them, as they would be grateful that you have given them your time. You could also make them personalised gifts such as making snow globes from Jam jars. Please do make sure you tell your friends about Environmental Awareness Month and be sure to tell everyone how you are planning to make a difference.

What are Open Theatre doing?

Open Theatre have been running our ‘Uncover Discover’ project across the West Midlands which is all about rivers and canals. We have been encouraging the young people to step out of the school environment and come to learn about rivers, canals and oceans and how we can prevent it from becoming polluted with waste. We are looking forward to being able to celebrate all of the hard work the participants have put into the project in the near future. 



We hope you all have a safe and happy month! 


-Written by Madeleine Levy



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