Congratulations to Michaela Mooney, winner of Open Theatre’s creative writing competition!


All entries were based on the theme ‘Living life with a learning disability’ for learning disability week. Michaela’s poem called ‘Dyspraxia’ is the winner! Read her poem below…





I trip over, I have dyspraxia

I struggled to speak without mumbling, I have dyspraxia

I have to hold things to balance. I have dyspraxia

My handwriting is a wobbly mess. I have dyspraxia

My words got stuck in my head but wouldn’t come out of my mouth I have dyspraxia

That bruise just appeared on my leg. I have dyspraxia

I have little hazard awareness. I have dyspraxia

I find bright lights oversensitive. I have dyspraxia


My name is Michaela I have dyspraxia and it’s only a part of me.


I’m too shy. I have autism.

The new situation is scary. I have autism.

The lights are too bright. The flashing. I have autism.

I remember the stupid fact. I have autism

I have an obsession with eyeshadow palettes. I have autism

I’m also obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Guinea pigs. I have autism.

I have meltdowns. I have autism.

I’m Michaela and I also have autism.


I have autism and dyspraxia they are both a nightmare when you put them together. Because they overlap each other my memory for example

So my autism memory  remembers special dates and special things that happen also facts and figures and things like that. it’s very good at that.

But my dyspraxia memory forgets everything and then sometimes I’ll remember them again but other times I don’t.


My name is Michaela and I have autism and I also have dyspraxia