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World Autism Awareness Day – Madeleine Levy

Open Theatre: Doing Difference Differently The History of Autism Awareness  Happy World Autism Awareness day everyone! You may be wondering what World Autism Awareness day is or why it matters,... Read more →

New Year Reflections on Last Year’s Project

Unmuted: Brum-Lahor was the name of our project which involved a partnership between Open Theatre and MAAS Foundation in Lahore, Pakistan. The project involved creative online sessions with young people with... Read more →

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World Kindness Day 2020

Sebbie Hall a teenager from Lichfield, Staffordshire who struggles with learning difficulties, has performed a random Acts of Kindness every... Read more →

World Mental Health Day 2020

Compassion is not just for pandemics As an Occupational Therapy trainee, and partner of Open Theatre Company, who currently works... Read more →

World Youth Skills Day 2020

What skills have you developed since working with Open Theatre Company? Daniel: I have developed some acting skills as well... Read more →

Meet The Party Animal

Meet Mark, a determined and misunderstood young lad on the Autistic Spectrum who, believing that a party animal is a... Read more →

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