One Of A Kind is a group of young artists with learning disabilities who make quality art together.

We meet weekly, in sessions run by Open Theatre. We work with non-verbal physical theatre in an open, collaborative and fun way, allowing young people to demonstrate their individual talents and styles. Sometimes we’re joined by visiting artists who teach us new skills and new types of art.

We take the work we make in our sessions out into public spaces, sometimes as part of festivals, and sometimes just to see what happens.

Recent OOAK Projects:

  1. The Nosey Parkas.

A pesky performance troupe, getting their noses into trouble at events, festivals, marketplaces and public squares.

      2. Creative collaboration projects

Collaborations between one emerging artist with and one without learning disabilities, exploring the potential of what can be created in the space between these two people.

For a full range of the projects run by OneOfAKind, check out the Archive Section

If this group sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, or you just want to understand more about it, get in touch with Richard

OneOfAKind is delivered in partnership with Birmingham Hippodrome

He feels he is really part of something and not just attending a group. The group works with people’s differences and sees the positive in the individuals, not what they can’t do. He feels important, valued and that people want to listen to what he has to say – quite often it is not that way. It is incredibly fulfilling for him and has given him skills which help in other areas of his life. It’s about being accepted and understanding everyone can contribute even if their route is not the most direct. Watching people develop through the group is fantastic and see them doing things they never thought possible for them is very rewarding.

Gina Gordon
Parent of One Of A Kind Member