Cov Lab is a fiercely ambitious experiment.

Collaborating with the City Council, arts organisations and practitioners, we are asking what happens when you place youth, diversity and the arts at the centre of a city? Together over the next 4 years, we will deliver an innovative and sustained portfolio of projects in Coventry, strategically integrated within the Coventry City of Culture year 2021 programme and Coventry City Council’s Arts Strategy.

We are trialing, on a city-wide playground, the idea that ‘difference is the new norm’. We are still in the planning stages of this work, but these are our ambitions:

Takeover Coventry

The culmination of 4 years of collaborative participation projects, 2021 will see a huge month-long takeover of Coventry’s artistic spaces by young people with learning disabilities.

Arts Parties

The Arts Parties are young people with learning disabilities’ chance to invite the broader public into their spaces and their unique creativity.

Signature Projects

Showcasing Coventry’s creativity, a pioneering group of young artists with learning disabilities will be the active commissioners of 5 high-quality projects led by local arts organisations.

Defiantly Different

A huge international festival of leading artists from around the country and the world, Defiantly Different will bring to Coventry a staggering range of new work and creative aesthetics, and a symposium to discuss cutting-edge practice with YPWLD.

If you are an artist or organisation based in Coventry and want to be involved in the project, get in touch.