A major part of our work is sharing our learning, and learning what we can from others working in the sector. Every now and then we organise conferences to bring together learning disabled artists, arts organisations, support organisations and other people to talk about challenges and opportunities. Most importantly, it’s a chance to listen to young artists with learning disabilities about the barriers they face, the support they deserve, and how organisations can collaborate with them to adapt their ways of working.

Our conferences are always part-designed by the young people we work with, and are guaranteed to surprise, bemuse, and challenge. Here’s what some attendees have to say about them:

This was a transformative event. It was by far the most engaging and worthwhile that I
had been to for a long time. I left feeling completely inspired.

Delegate, Is That All There Is?

Two days was essential for real dialogue to happen: I realise that I can be part of this
change personally. Before today I had no idea where to start, now I do!

Delegate, Is That All There Is?

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