Meet the Team

Say hello to the team! We're an ecclectic bunch from all walks of life, brought together by our determination to make the Midlands a better place for Young People with Learning Disabilities.

Our Leadership Team


These fab people keep the company running, the bills paid, and the ideas flowing. 

If you’re interested in working together on a potential project – reach out to one of us!


Richard, smiling, drapes a scarf around someone's shoulders

Richard – Company Director

I dance around and act like the biggest fool in the room, and these days I have a lot of conversations about it.



Mel, a white woman, is explaining something to an an actor.

Mel – Associate Director

I oversee all of our projects and participation which includes the wonderful work we do in schools. I am always looking for new ways to create opportunities for everyone we work with and be creative myself! 

Michelle, a woman with dark hair, smiles to camera

Michelle – Business Associate

I like creating policies, writing lots of words, talking and dancing!

Carly smiles to camera, with sunglasses on her head

Carly – Producer

I produce the company’s large-scale projects and work out the jigsaw of everything happening at the same time!  I work closely with Coventry special schools, bringing them together with artists and making a big splash about it in the City!

Alex pulls a funny face in a fighting stance

Alex – Drama Practitioner & Filmmaker

How often can adults afford to be truly attentive with children and welcome their behaviour openly, with music?  Luckily for me, all the time.

Ashley wears a sparkling purple hat and smiles to camera

Ashley – Assistant Drama Practitioner

I enjoy being able to bring smiles and laughter to everyone I meet – online or in person – with my verbal or non verbal skills I have gained from others I meet!

Grace plays the role of supportive friend in rehearsal, leaning attentively towards another actor, who looks troubled.

Grace – Creative Enabler

I have conversations and collaborate with many incredibly talented artists to support them in making their projects possible.


Daniel smiles while wearing sunglasses in an open sports field

Daniel – Consultant

I’ve worked with OTC on lots of things including making the films and now, although I live a far way away, I very much enjoy helping the company out in different ways

Jake wears an assortment of odd props - two pairs of sunglasses, a bright orange hat and a sock puppet. He points to a large green bag, and a thought bubble says "What's in the bag?"

Jake – Drama Practitioner & Artist

Anything is a prop; whether it’s a thousand coloured hats on top of your head, gloves you wear that possess your hand with beadle eyes that stare at you, glasses you put on that break the lens but somehow make a funny moment out of it, creating scenarios with a bag (whether it’s weird, mysterious, shocking, or imaginative), and lastly, my favourite, chairs. Just remember to keep your heads up at all times.

Jess wears a full-length skeleton costume, moving their arms at awkward angles

Jess – Drama Practitioner

I improvise, dance and have fun in schools, and have lots of conversations about activism in between.

Jenara stands in a park, facing a camera, about to start filming

Jenara – Drama Practitioner & Kickstart Lead

I spend a lot of time with young people being creative in and out of schools.

John, who has very curly hair, smiles

John – Drama Practitioner

Performing and creating theatre  is what makes me happy! To be able to do it everyday, whilst inspiring others to do the same, really does mean the world to me!

Lucy, a white woman with long brown hair, smiles to camera

Lucy – Company Administrator

I help the team to deliver all of the fantastic projects they do by supporting them with administration, HR and IT.

Luke, wearing a suit and tie, holds a long stick and looks unimpressed

Luke – Artist & Youth Trustee

I am a caffeine – fuelled ninja with tattoos, who has worked with Open Theatre as an actor for a few years, and now sit on their board as a youth trustee.

Lydia, wearing a green hat, holds their hands to their face in shock

Lydia – Drama Practitioner

I am a bright and bubbly practitioner with big facial expressions! I rather enjoy a large bag of sensory props  to inspire creativity and unveil surprises.

Meredith, standing in front of a large grassy cliff, smiles to camera

Meredith – Fundraiser

I help to get the funding needed to make all of our amazing projects a reality

Matthew wears a mermaid outfit with bright yellow sunglasses, staring ominously

Matt – Assistant Practitioner & Journalist

I have worked with Open Theatre for 20 years, as an original Shyster and actor. I now work in schools and as a journalist. I love working with young people and with Open Theatre. Here’s to 20 years of great work!

Mike smiles to camera, in a classic headshot

Mike – Assistant Drama Practitioner

I make theatre with a range of people. I jump around, play and have fun.



Ryan, smiling with hands in their pockets, stands in front of the Library of Birmingham

Ryan – Drama Practitioner

One of the most common phrases I hear in sessions is ‘I’ve never seen them do that before. I have the best job in the world because I get to help show people how amazing we can all be when we nurture each other’s creativity.

Sean, wearing a high-vis jacket, leans towards a film camera

Sean – Filmmaker

Lights, Camera, Action! I capture the amazing work Open Theatre carries out and produce films for everyone to enjoy online.


Tom smiles to camera, classic headshot

Tom – Assistant Drama Practitioner

I assist our wonderful leaders in trying to make the participants laugh by doing wonderfully silly shapes, moves and faces


If you would like to find out more about us or the programmes we run, get in touch, or better still…