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What we do

Find all about our shows, workshops, schools work, training opportunities and other projects.

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Learn what's relevant to you - whether you're a young person, a parent or guardian, a school or potential partner.


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Open Theatre Work As Creative Enablers


We use nonverbal physical theatre to collaborate with young people with learning disabilities, creating quality art which reflects and celebrates their unique creativity.

We wholeheartedly believe in the ability of young people with learning disabilities to contribute to the creative and cultural life of the places where they live, and work as advocates for their valued involvement as artists and leaders.

Choosing to view learning disabilities as creative differences

5 actors wearing bright costumes in a wooded area smile at the camera

Our work is about “meeting people where they’re at” – whether that’s by running sessions in familiar and comfortable spaces, or respecting someone’s emotional state and working from there without judgement.

Over the last 30 years, endless lessons like this have sprung from our collaborations with young people in special schools to form our nonverbal theatre practice. Today, we’re still learning.

One of our newer lessons has been the urgency to take our work beyond the classroom into settings where young people, with and without learning disabilities, can explore their creativity and agency together, not in isolation.

Through projects like Unbounded – we are committed to taking the inclusion of our rehearsal rooms and classrooms out into parks, church halls, community clubs and neighbourhoods across the West Midlands.

It’s about Doing Difference Differently

Whether it’s searching for lost treasure or tracking crimes across the centuries  – creativity and connection are at the heart of everything we do together.

We’re proud to be led by the talent and curiosity of the young people we work with, and thrilled so many choose to keep working with us as artists , staff  and partners after they leave education.  We are on an ongoing journey to make our company, the creative industries, and society as a whole more inclusive. We do this by reflecting on & redesigning our own working practices, running projects where young people with and without learning disabilities can create together and working with others to lobby for change.

If you would like to find out more about us or the programmes we run, get in touch, or better still…