The creativity of young people with learning disabilities placed at the heart of the cultural life of Coventry and Birmingham, increasing its diversity and encouraging different ways of being: the OTI programme explores this possibility through a unique theatre practice called shystering that celebrates, challenges and transforms

Facts and Figures

Over 300 young people with learning disabilities are engaged in our current programme of work

Our work has received national and international recognition. 

We are a registered charity – you can donate directly to our work here


amazing, simple, effective, fun’

‘the results have far exceeded expectations: students have shown exceptional development.’

‘one of the most artistically inspiring experiences I have had’

‘we have seen stunning results in all our classes and we now see it as a core activity in our curriculum’
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Interacting with OTI

OTI’s core activity is creating tailor-made collaborative drama projects and theatre productions with young people with learning disabilities and developing real opportunities for these young people to engage in and contribute to the cultural life of their cities through this work.

Interaction is at the heart of the practice with young people with learning disabilities but also at the heart of the programme – we like to interact with everyone:

 • Young people with learning disabilities

To develop skills and increase their involvement in and contribution to the arts

• Parents/carers
To facilitate the involvement of young people in the work

• Schools
To develop creative/life skills projects which connect with curriculum objectives as well as equip young people with the skills they need in adult life

• Teaching staff, students and emerging practitioners
To offer a wide range of training opportunities for professionals in the art of shystering

• Arts Organisations and Established practitioners
To create productions in collaboration with other artists and arts organisations which place the creativity of people with learning disability at the heart of the artistry

If you are interested in interacting with us please contact:

07802 770257

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