Meet the Team

Say hello to the team! We're an ecclectic bunch from all walks of life, brought together by our determination to make the Midlands a better place for Young People with Learning Disabilities.

Richard Hayhow

Richard has been working with us since 1990
Director / Chief Nuisance Maker
My role’s changing a lot. I dance around and act like the biggest fool in the room, and these days I have a lot of conversations about it.
07802 770257

Bethan Ball

Bethan has been working with us since 2014
Talent Lab Associate / The one who spins many plates
I dance, act, play and talk with young people to make sure we’re getting the most of their creativity, and they’re getting the most from us.

Michelle Bould

Michelle has been working with us since 2017
Business Manager / The one keeping us on track
I ask difficult questions about money and health & safety so the work keeps going without being interrupted.


Melissa Daly

Mel has been working with us since 2017
Create Lab Associate / The one putting out fires
I run our schools work, help train our facilitators and support young people however I can. I also work part-time with our key partner: The REP.

Carl Sealeaf

Carl has been working with us since 2017
Impact Lab & Digital Associate / The one who overthinks stuff
I try to understand why the work we do matters, talk to other people about it, and help try out new things to make it better.
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